Based in Baltimore, MD, Aftercost , continues to grow as an alternative rock band. They express vulnerability in their music to reach the hearts of their listeners and cultivate a new culture. Despite being a speck in the grand universe, they work hard to stand out and inspire those around them. 



 - Aftercost was formed: Andrew, Ryan, Mike, Paul, Jung 

 - “Aftercost” EP was released 


 - Aftercost reformed: Andrew, Ryan, Seth

 - “88” EP was released 

 - Started playing shows locally in Maryland 

 - “Poppy” single was released 

 - “Maybe” single was released 


 - “Stone" MV was released 

 - First Place in Jammin' Java's (Vienna, VA) Band Battle 



The frontman who sings mediocrely and plays guitar even more mediocrely. Andrew's dream was to land a career in the music industry but he understood how hard that would be so he did the next best thing; landing a job at Guitar Center. 


The drummer who plays the drums semi-mediocrely. A prodigy born from the womb, Ryan continues to hone his  skills as a musician so he can make his parents proud. Despite being only 18 years of age, Ryan knows a lot of big and sophisticated words. 


The bassist whose voice is lower than the actual instrument. Seth joined "aftercost" in 2019 and continues to make music with the group today. All jokes aside, his calm and relaxing voice will gently swoon you off your feet.