1. Cynical
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There's so much more than what you see
There’s so much more than assumptions you hold on to
Your judgement is killing me
Your judgement is killing my

Heart don’t leave me behind
I guess it won’t work
I promise please give me some time
Forgive and forget
Forgive and forget

I've become cynical
I've become cynical
Your words don’t mean much to me
Your smiles don’t reach out to me

You’re just so typical
Your life is so digital
Your thoughts go beyond your head
The heart in you has no depth

I heard you callin’ me
There's so much hate
Can't seem to relate cause
My vision is red can't see
You say that you care
But there's nothing left in my

Heart how could you forget
You don’t know all of the pain that I've kept in so long
How could you forget
Why did you forget